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Watchman | Denis Waswa Barasa


Tell the watchman

They no longer congregate

By the bar

Falling to and for and on

Each other

Like moths to a light

Tell the sentry

He no longer has to keep watch

The watched have taken off

And have themselves become

Watchers of their sanitizing

Watchmen over their compounds

Tell the watcher

The gangs have gone

Good riddance for a while

But the watchman

Must the Enterprise watch


The hubbub behind the balcony

Worry not

Rodents feast on the mutton

Long left by forlorn merrymakers

Posthaste they parted


The crack-crack you thought

You heard

A dry leaf dispatched

To the ground

And the shuffle in your ears

Is nothing but the bubble

Of the canopy

Above the bar

Tell the watchman

New ways and new

Things he shall learn

The watcher shall watch



Denis Waswa Barasa is a teacher of English and Literature at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Luuya Girls,in Bungoma County Western Kenya. He enjoys writing and reading poetry, drama and prose.