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Urgency, July Storms | Naomi Waweru

We hold with utmost urgency

The worship of our God begins

with two bodies leaning in close enough

just to say specifically,

“I am drawn only to you

and I reach towards you alone”.

We hold with utmost urgency.

Somewhere in between the lengthy conversations,

a prayer is being passed

from breath to breath

and God knows we need His grace

sufficient and large.

Sufficient and transcendent.

Sufficient and overdone.

To love a boy as reckless as July Storms

I will write you poems about how

the moon hangs low

when my mother is ironing her last

round of laundry for the night.

Her humming,

her sneezes,

calling on God upon her clumsiness.

She says to chase the long trail of ghosts

of midnight after loss,

you have to grieve twice as hard

and your sorrow will birth sensations

bright and full like the moon.

That to love a boy

as reckless as July storms,

you have to avail your body,

bare and however incomplete,

at the entry points

of abysses and furnaces;

it’s the wanting that swallows you whole.

Even now,

I hear your comfort words reach for my tension and

think I should pray.

It’s your mercy that holds my body

pressed leniently against yours

time and time again.


Naomi Waweru (she/her) is inspired by love, vulnerability, the yearning of bodies to be free in their connection and has an eye for tradition and culture. Her writings present an adoration for the body. She portrays it as your first sanctuary. She has works on and forthcoming on Merak magazine, a voice from far away webzine, Ghost Heart Literary Journal, Kalahari Review, Poems for the Start of the World Anthology, Ampleremains, Afroliterary journal, Overheard Magazine and The African Writers Review. Reach her on Twitter @ndutapoems and Instagram @_ndutapoems.