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About Residence

Artmosterrific Residence aims at creating an inspiring and enlightening virtual space for creatives to complete their manuscripts. Six artists-in-residence are hosted for six weeks and are provided mentors and airtime for data subscription. Two are selected from each of the following categories:

  • Poetry (to work on a poetry chapbook)
  • Prose (to work on a novella or a short story chapbook)
  • Photography/Graphic Art (to work on a photo/visual art book).


The residence is ONLY open to Students of any African University.


Artists-in-residence are required to submit by email at least three poems or 2000 words prose or 3 photographs/arts (with captions) every week till they complete their manuscripts.

Artists-in-residence are required to participate in interactive sessions with invited guests.

Artists-in-residence are required to train ARTmosterrific community on a skill or aspect of art and literature they like.

Application Guidelines

  1. The following should be attached to the application email as a single .docx file:
    1. Three poems or 700 words prose or three photos/visual arts (with captions) depending on the category you are applying for;
    2. A 500 words description of what you intend to work on;
    3. And a 50 – 100 words bio.
  2. The document should be titled as the “Applicant’s name -Category (Mayor Ayobami -Poetry)”
  3. Creative can only apply for a category
  4. Application should be sent to [insert email].
  5. The email’s subject line should read “Artmosterrific Residence Application – Category (Prose, Poetry or Photo Art)”
  6. The deadline for application is [none chosen yet]