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Memories | Olabimpe Adedamola

Memories Of Us

We are sitting by the lagoon,

And you have just told me I will look ethereal with horns.

I believe you because I am beautiful in your eyes. 

You once called me a setting sun and you were right. 

I am full of things that are always in the process of dying. 

We are sitting close to that alcove,

You are telling me about the guilt that has filtered into your grief. 

I slip my hands into yours and you smile through tears. 

I loved my body when it was close to yours. 

You were the second person to worship it. 

All of it. 

The dips and scars and marks and bulges. 

You reminded me of what it meant to be a god. 

We are sitting at those steps,

The ones we claimed as ours,

I let you put stickers on my skin and I watch, 

Fascinated as your fingers linger. 

The tension between us grows wings. 

I am a different person from the woman you used to love. 

But that woman is somewhere, 

Hiding in these memories I have refused to forget. 

I think of you sometimes, 

Like tonight and I hope 

You are opening yourself to someone 

Who will not turn to a ghost someday? 

Who will not morph into smoke after loving you?


Olabimpe Adedamola is a law student at the University Of Lagos. Her works have appeared in African Writers Magazine, Sub-Saharan Magazine, Ngiga Review, and others. You can find her on Instagram @borednigeriangirl.