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Flaw | Jude Anuoluwa

the flaw i am


there is a name i bear/

when wholeness is but a memory—

fell raven, for i am a bird/

wriggling upon the sand—

waiting for my flesh to decay/

that my bones might be the earth’s souvenir—

my woes are razor-toothed/

devouring my soul—

creating a crater within my belly


i fight a war struggling to win/

the grass is me, plague within a plague—

does it bother my chi to sigh/

yet growl when i work to tidy—

the broken pieces of my existence?

darkness bangs an antiqued bell/

whose sound is a throbbing bong of my past sins—

hope is façade, pain is a balm/

soothing my wounds to never heal


fire is a purger. death is an herald/

of the designers strangest craft

i am a mould which receives flaw/

hardening up to break apart— 

the universe has resented me to sprout/

bloom in season, wither out of it—

my inventions are my undoing/

courage is a poisoned dart,

turning my whiteness to crimson

burning me down without remorse


the bane of an experience is its fleeting bliss/

thorns do prick my conscience/

i am a lie. ground. fine as dust

which the universe spreads across its dome—

there is no home for the wanderer/

whose body is older than his soul


my soul is lost like a sand bead/

loses itself to its new lord/the sand—

i raise my hands to the designer of rebirth/

to fashion a new me. devoid of weakness

smoke exudes from my lungs/

its savour a mint of bittersweet


Jude Anuoluwa is a young writer from Nigeria. His works have strictly been ghostwriting and editing. When he is not writing, he enjoys watching cartoons, reading comic strips, and listening to a variety of music. You may reach him on Twitter and Instagram @judeanuoluwa(po)