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Dusk, I, & They | Abdulkareem Abdulkareem

Invocations at dusk


Imprisoned in the Coconut husk;

Thousand cowries in a Calabash,

Stolen off the souls 

Of the imprisoned.

Rains of Abracadabra

Plummeting on the 

Gourd followed by slimy spits;

Chantings of the bloodeyed elders

Invoking the shieldless souls.

Beaded legs twirling

To frantic drum beats.

Red, black and Darkness dominated;

Unknown to me where I lay,

Snoring deep in my sleep.

That Which I Am, That Which They Are

They  hover over my head

Like a vulture hovering

Over a caged carcass.

I hear their whispers- reverberating,

And their curses turning goodness

Unto me which they are ignorant of 

I become a porcupine

Against their hands, but they know not.

Their towering heights scare me not;

Taller I am with my smallish-

My embers burning without their sweat,

And their gas lit without my aid

That which they are, their luck;

The almond nut, or 

The glimmering ruby of the king’s crown.

That which I am, my chance,

A stand of the straw fiber,

Or a string of the Jews harp

Let them weave their mats

Under a bamboo, while I weave mine

Under the Iroko tree and the rain beats us

Our luck it is


Abdulkareem Abdulkareem is a Kwara-based Nigerian writer. He is an undergraduate of the University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria studying Linguistics and Nigerian Languages. He is fondly called Panini among friends. Apart from reading and writing poetry, he is an avid reader. He writes from the ancient city of Ilorin. He tweets @panini500bc.