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Countryside | Olatomiwa Aina

Countryside Scoundrel

This is me, 

bottles, drunken breath and 

a broken man

With love letters to my

knees scrapped in farmsteads

and feet that recall

copper’s whistles

in a yard’s ear

Every cock’s crow

accompanies my lips singing of 

odes, rhymes and a lad’s 

adventure in ne’er lands

Sticks, sands and stones


Guns, powder and bullets

They like us have grown.

I am a boy that

lied to himself

“I am now a man.”

A man who should 

never have grown.


Nicknamed Oghenetega or the Jackal, Aina Olatomiwa Ibraheem is a social work student at the University of Ilorin. A mischief making, trouble loving chess player. He tweets about the woes of his favorite club Borussia Dortmund @oghene_thuga.