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Chapbook Submission Guidelines

Issue 2 Theme: African Politics

Politics rules our lives. We cannot elude it. It can be a well of happiness, joy, disdain, sadness, misfortune, and even ambiguities. Over the course of African history, politics has been the major bone of contention. In modern times, politics has ruled the day. Sometimes it is hope. Sometimes it portends chaos, a deep rot burrowing into our existence. For this reason, we have decided to select African Politics as the theme for the 2nd issue of our annual chapbook. Let us know how politics mixes with your gender, philosophy, history, modernity, etc. Tell us about the trends, the past, and the transitions. Tell us what African Politics puts you through. Tell us of politics below and beyond the national, state or local levels. Trace a map of how you feel about the politics in your home country, in your family, in your identity, in everything you care about. And let me tell you this: We will be here to listen. Remember, your voice matters. 

Funmilayo Obasa


Ilorin, Nigeria


Read our previous chapbook issues to ensure your work is a good fit. All work is published annually (January).

1. Chapbook submissions open on October 14th and close on November 14th.

2. The submissions for our chapbook section is thematic. The theme for this issue is African Politics. Ensure your work(s) align with our theme(s) before submission.

3. We do not accept previously published material. All submissions must be free of plagiarism.

4. We accept simultaneous submissions. Just let us know immediately your work is accepted elsewhere.

5. No cover letter. Your biographical statement is enough and shouldn’t be more than 50 words.

6. We respond generally within one month from submission. Contact us if longer than that.

7. We ask for first serial rights and the right to keep a copy of the publication in our archives. All other rights revert back to the author after publication.

8. We accept ONLY files in .doc or .docx format for written works, .jpeg, .jpg, .png or .tiff format for visual art. If formatting is an important part of your work then attach a .pdf file alongside the .doc or .docx file.

9. Make all submissions to The subject of the mail should be African Politics (Category) submission, (e.g. African Politics Poetry Submission.

Flash Fiction & Micro Fiction

We’re looking for fresh stories captured from fresh perspectives, in accordance with the theme of the chapbook, setting, and form, as long as these stories are:

– NOT more than 1500 words (Flash Fiction) and 500 words (for micro fiction)

– Free from spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors.

– Written in English (with a glossary of non-English words provided when necessary).

– Typed in Times New Roman (12pt) and double-spaced.

Submit to Please the subject of the mail should be African Politics Flash/Micro Fiction submission.

Essays & Visual Art

For essays, send us your short and long arguments on matters you feel passionate about. They must be in accordance with our theme. Feel free to adopt a formal or informal tone.

– Essay should be between 800-1500 words.

– MUST be plagiarism free and references must be made appropriately when necessary.

– Be typed in Times New Roman (12pt) and double-spaced.

For visual art pieces, we welcome photographs, paintings, illustrations, and cartoon portfolios in .jpeg, .jpg, .png or .tiff format ONLY. Accompany your artwork with a short description of not more than 500 words.

– Visual arts MUST be the original work of the artist.

– They must be a maximum three (3) in one submission and submitted as JPEG files.

We’re particularly looking for writings and visual art pieces that explore our theme in contemporary ways. We want essays that enthrall our readers and visual art pieces with striking compositions and meanings.

Submit to Please the subject of the mail should be African Politics Essay/Visual Art submission.

Poetry & Prose Poetry

Send us everything that makes you sleep, keeps you awake, breaks your heart and repairs it. Everything that rusts and unrusts you. Send us your flaws and strengths, awesome and bizarre, brilliant and outrageous. However, please note your entry must:

– Not be more than two poems attached in a single file.

– Be written in English and free of plagiarism.

– Be typed in Times New Romans (12pt) and single-spaced.

– Not be more than three (3) pages long or 40 lines for each poem — a total of 80 lines.

– And of course, they must align with our theme.

Submit to Please the subject of the mail should be African Politics Poetry/Prose Poetry submission.