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1 POEM By Olaewe David Opeyemi

Sour tale

This tale soils the mouth 

like a sour grapefruit,

So I tell it with the sobriety 

of the snail.

I’m the voice of boys, my age;

whose flights arrived on this land

at the same time,

who bore tender dreams like 

eggs in our hearts,

hoping that home is an incubator,

hoping that home will hatch 

this eagle to flight.




20 years gone:

we’re still dozing in our nest, awaiting

the appearance of our wings.


Olaewe David Opeyemi is a Nigerian medical doctor and writer. He interrogates his life experiences through writing which he also sees as a veritable instrument for personal and social metamorphosis. His works has been published by Trouvaille Review, Selcouth Station, Praxis Magazine, The Quills, Eboquills,CLH and elsewhere. He won Dawn of Splendour Poetry contest (Nov.2019, June 2020) and Shuzia creative writing contest (Dec.2019). He writes from Birnin Kebbi, Northern Nigeria and active on Twitter @dropey01.