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1 POEM By Fatima Abdulrahman Subuola

The Beauty Of Nature

I sit with clouded thoughts in my head,

I reminisce the beauty of nature

in an atmosphere armored in quietude.

My trembling legs cannot deny 

these wondrous views of nature 

as I climb slowly like a monkey 

toward a mountain top.

Loads of worries in my head like a hawker

are dissolved by this lulling sensation.

The cool breeze comes with such calmness, 

that my lost inner peace is found.

Nature is beautiful, 

a harbinger of priceless peace

to the mind, to the heart.

My eyes, lost in the sky, 

watch the cloud perform

its theatrics and elocution.

I watch till the sun emits slowly like a snail

from the horizon

its radiance of gold & orange.

I can’t lower my gaze while the sun bakes.

Nature deserves my loyalty.


Abdulrahman Fatima Subuola resides in and writes from Lagos. She studies History at the Usmanu Danfodio University and is a member of the Press Board. She was the first runner-up for the Aisha Abdullahi Ibrahim  Award for female writers. She started writing poetry about four months ago and has since fallen in love with the genre. She is an alumnus of the Transcendence Poetry Masterclass.