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1 POEM By Adesina Ajala

Music as a Panegyric for Self

I am how lyrics blend with rhythm. 

I am the verb for every vibe.

My palms hold your soul, whet it,

draw you in till you dissolve inside my melody.

In my eyes, you unmask yourself, 

craving the healings in my hands. These hands, 

string wellness into all that ills you. 

And I carry the voices that serenade you.

Walk into your soul on lonely nights like I own the keys to it.

Thrust all the tears gathered in your damaged ego like water in 

broken clay. 

This blues you keep returning to, this addiction is me.

I accompany you on happy days. Like 

a platoon of soldiers, I command your legs to march, 

to break seamlessly into dancing steps 

like a pen tweaking on a paper.

I am the path of your muse. 

I Enya you. I endear you. Bring you closer into the privacy

of your mind and press your ears against their own walls. Let you 

eavesdrop on your thoughts.

And, I oil cultures. Like I pull sounds from the throat of

the talking drum. Make ṣẹkẹrẹ jig and the flute whistle.

I can make your head spin, let your 

pockets Obey me till they reach my Ebenezer

I am that magical.


Adesina Ajala is a Nigerian writer, poet and medical doctor. He has works in Libretto, Eboquills, The Quills, Featiler Rays, The Wild Word, Praxis, AFAS Review, Nantygreens, Ngiga Review, Parousia, NMA MediNews and elsewhere. He was winner Shuzia Creative Writing Contest(4th Edition) and Fodio Poetry Data Stipend(July, 2020). Instagram: @adesina_ajala.