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ARTmosterrific is an online platform and community by and for African undergraduates

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Indeed, We Are Not Small Pieces

We Are Not Small Pieces is filled with the experiences and perceptions of different African creatives because we know what it is like to be affected by African Politics. Here,…
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Residence 2021 Anthology: eleMENTAL

The pieces in the collection seek to unravel the mental landscape. Memories, feelings and emotions are laid bare and examined in prose, poetry and visual art. The artists-in-residence creatively explored…
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Naomi Waweru
Michelle Iruobe
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We always need people to push literature to the grassroots. We need more hands to achieve the goal of amplifying the creative voice of undergraduates in Africa. We are always in need of people. Kindly enquire and include what you can do and where you can come in.