ARTmosterrific is an online platform and community by and for African undergraduates. It runs on five sections, all different and independent from one another: Virtual Residence where 3 college writers are mentored to complete a book of art; the African Prize for Undergraduates awarded every year to a creative African undergraduate; the Biannual Chapbook that works as an anthology, exploring thematic issues in society, the Online Issue/Mag (Prose, Poetry, Essay, Photography), and the Community (with webinars, Book Chat, Bookstore, Physical Conference, etc). Check our General Submission Page for detailed information on each section, and feel free to subscribe to our newsletter.

Our Values

There is nothing as isolating as writing alone. Being with other people is innate to humanity and consciousness. At a time so isolating as the 21st century, we place much value and emphasis on the African undergraduates. Our investment is in the collective. We meet the need to feel that sense of trust and belonging with fellow writers, to draw upon the gifts of others and also build into others.

Our Belief

Our programmes accentuate our belief. We’ve been doing this not for the recognition or the regard that comes with doing one. No, that’s not it. We are largely inspired, motivated and fueled by the smiles on the faces of our members and in the fulfilment that comes with being in a community like ours. Our directors and members burn passionately for the same cause – which is art and the need for a community of campus creatives

Our Mission

Writing, reading, and other forms of art are usually solitary. They are borne in and out of silence. But our lives are not always in silence. Sometimes we need certain factors to inform them. One way to make that happen is to connect. At ARTmosterrific, our programmes and opportunities do not only connect but also promote, inform, establish and guide. This we have been doing for three years.

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How You Can Help

Below are ways you can support the movement

Sponsor Our Events

Our events are diverse and dynamic. This means, as a non-profit community, we are always in need of money. You can donate, sponsor any of our events or award a scholarship to any of our members. Your altruism will go a long way at sustaining and realizing our cause for campus creatives. See how you can help below.


Become a Volunteer

We have a number of volunteer opportunities, remote and non-remote. We tend to need more volunteers during some of our events. Check our submission page to find the position most suitable for you. Get involved today by joining a group of terrifics, a network strong enough to impact positive changes in the lives of creatives.


Share! Share! Share!

More awareness usually means more creatives, more friends. Help us achieve a robust community by informing your friends about us and sharing our posts with them. One of the ways to begin is to subscribe to our monthly newsletter or join in our discussion. Clicking on the social media icons is also a good way to share us.


ARTmosterrific is a vibrant community of talented writers. The work they produce is exciting but what amazed me the most was their dedication to fostering a literary community based on supporting each other and ameliorating one another's writing.
M. L Kejera
Shorlisted for the 2020 Commonwealth Short Story Prize.
This is how ARTmosterrific has operated: as a community of knowledgeable people with wet, fluid, knowledge that impacts the community and keep it from corroding. Knowledge should be like water, it should be everywhere. And one bucket at a time, knowledge will spread. This is what ARTmosterrific is doing. Like the bucket: holding water, giving water, sharing water.
Akinyemi Muhammed Adedeji
Editor, Minority Africa & Space in Africa.